Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Review - Romantically Challenged Season 1 Episode 1 Don't Be Yourself

Nestled between Dancing With the Stars and Castle is, Romantically Challenged, a comedy so terrible that ABC has already positioned it for death. Instead of placing it in the Wednesday comedy block where it could easily occupy the 8 PM slot currently occupied by repeats of Modern Family, ABC put it on a Monday after a old-skewing reality show. To make matters worse, on the day of the premiere, ABC actually switched the episode airing. Apparently "Rebecca’s One Night Stand" was even worse than "Don't Be Yourself."

The premise is simply and stupid. Rebecca, a recent divorcee, navigates the romantic world, being a lawyer and a parent. In "Don't Be Yourself," Rebecca finally goes on a date 5 months after her divorce, following news of her ex-husband's wedding. She lies to make herself seem more attractive and gets caught in them in the end. Alyssa Milano was above average, but I found myself smiling once the entire episode. The subplot was exceedingly creepily and not funny. One of Rebecca's friends goes on a date with a girl who wants to be spanked. I'm definitely not touching this show again.

Score: 5.0/10
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