Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Outnumbered 3.1

This show existed under my radar until the Christmas special, after I saw that I went back & watched some earlier episodes & was disappointed I had missed out on what I now believe to be one if not the best British comedy show currently airing.

I knew who Hugh Dennis was but had no idea he was an actor let alone capable of the performance he puts in here. He plays it with extreme calm & apparent laziness yet it fits the character & plot so well.

They delivered a special ep for this opening show of the season. Any show that films in open locations is a win & they did it well. Multiple London landmarks were used & I found this fun to watch. There also appears to be a mildly intriguing arc regarding the money.

My favourite lines of the ep.

Ben's so bright as well, & I love his attitude as well. He throws himself into everything.
Including septic tanks
He did it for a bet........won a concor.

What can the queen do?
Could she burn protestants?
No she is one!

The queen killed Diana
No she didn't
Well her husband did
No he didn't, you've been watching channel 5 again haven't you.

You cannot take that dead pigeon home with you.
But it will be a cool experiment.
In there behind the big security gate that's where our prime minister........ Cowers in no 10.

If no 1 is a wee & no 2 is a poo I would hate to be anywhere near number ten.

We don't need anyone getting hurt here do we.
This is a warship.

Barack Obama is not driving the number 42 bus.
He's the leader of the free world, he can do what he wants.
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