Thursday, March 4, 2010

Review - Community Season 1 Episode 17 Physical Education


When I watched the first episode, I wondered why Abed didn't have an accent. After all, he's part Palestinian and accents make for funny jokes. Little did I know what the show was really about. Instead of using the typical immigrant stereotypes, the writers created a pop culture genius with various ticks. Abed is bizarre but sweet at the same time.

"Physical Education" further extended his character to show that he's more self-confident than the rest of them. Troy finds a sketch of Abed with hearts around it. After much talking, the study group gets Abed to talk to the girl. He gets surprisingly close to kissing her until White Abed shows up. That is over quickly, and when Abed comes back, he isn't concerned. He has so much confidence in who he is that he isn't afraid to change to suit other people's needs.

Jeff's physical education class is pool...yeah, pool. The teacher wants everyone to wear short shorts, but Jeff needs his hipster look, so he leaves the class. The teacher teases him until Jeff comes back to challenge him. From there, they begin taking of clothes to prove they care more about the game than clothes. They end of buck naked and Jeff wins. It's crazy, completely unrealistic, and hilarious.

Abed or Brown Joey was on top of his impressions in the episode. He does Jeff perfectly, and does Don Draper well enough to woo Annie. Don and Trudy?

Score: 9.2/10
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