Monday, January 11, 2010

Review - Big Love Season 4 Episode 1 Free at Last

Since this is my first post on Big Love, here's my general thoughts on the show. Like Dexter, I have a love-hate relationship with the show. I love whenever the wives are interacting, and I hate pretty much anything Bill is doing. Since this is the season premiere, the review will be a bit longer, but don't expect long in later weeks

The new opening credits were over the top like the original, but instead the the hopeful, loving ice skating, everyone was just falling through the darkness alone. It looks the producers made the new credits to coincide with the changing dynamic of the show where everything is getting increasingly separated with all the new developments which push them apart.

I would prefer the show got back to the basics with just the wives, Bill, and every few other characters. During the three seasons, there have been so many characters, and stuff going on, it has lost some of what made it so appealing in the first place. The stimuli in their relationship come mostly from external circumstances--Juniper Creek, Bill's business, Alby--and that diminishes the characters and the conflicts that could arise between them simply by the fact that they are polygamists.

Bill's casino finally opens, and at the end of the first day, the Hendrickson's get a huge suitcase full of cash. While Barb was opposed to the idea of the casino originally, even she was excited with so much money. At the same time, he opened his new church.

All of this is leading to Bill possibly becoming the new Prophet. While he tells Alby he doesn't want the position, seeing he's expanding business empire, you can't help but think control over an entire compound would be incredibly appealing. One of the Indian guy hands him Roman Grant's hat in the end and Bill takes it. It's a symbolic representation of the Prophet, but will he take the mantle?

A few days ago, I read something that said the scenes with Bill's parents were from an alternate universe, and I can't agree more. It's so surreal and absurd (even more than Juniper Creek) that it's hard to care, and not scratch your head at what the hell it is. Most of the time, there's screaming, and occasional violence.

There was a bit of development with Alby hooking up with trustee of Juniper Creek. Oh boy... Nicki still has major problems to work out with Bill. The other wives are fine with her, but Bill still isn't. Margene is having trouble with her jewelry business dividing her time and attention. Roman's finally dead, but the feds are swooping down on Juniper and Bill to deal with the problem.

Score: 8.8/10


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