Saturday, December 19, 2009

Review - Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 10 The Attic

Last night's offering of Dollhouse was the most inconsistent of the three double episode nights Fox has generously let us see. "The Attic" was a different kind of episode than "Stop-Loss" and was more fulfilling. It had action that wasn't indulgent, crazy twists, great pacing It was the whole package and for the most part, the last 7 episodes have been that way.

I've said this about 500 times already, but I After each episode I dread that we are one step closer to the end, and right now, there's only three episodes left.

The Attic turns out to be where Rossum gets it's amazing computing ability. The corporation whose lifeblood is essentially creating slaves would be the one to use discarded humans for processing power. Even scarier is how they do it. We see Echo dropped into a tank with some water, and get saran wrap pulled over her (I'm not kidding).

Inside the Attic, Echo makes a reunion with Mr. Dominic (Reed Diamond) and battle a villain named Arcane, along the way picking up Victor and Sierra. Arcane turns out to be a rather harmless guy named Clyde Randolph (Adam Godley) who tells them all about the Rossum supercomputer composed of people. To make things even more engrossing, they are now in the post-apocalyptic future of the "Epitaph One" world. The episode never aired on television, but considering how few people actually watch the show anymore, I'm sure most people got the reference.

Echo breaks out by tricking the system, and saves Victor and Sierra. The final scene sends us hurdling to the inevitable finale. There's Echo, Victor, Sierra, Topher, Boyd, Adelle, and Ballard all together, ready to take on Rossum.

On the subject of Ballard, Topher managed to save him by giving him Active architecture. There is one downside however (ignoring the fact that being a doll sucks). Topher had to get rid of something to make Ballard work. My prediction is that it is love. In Whedon shows, relationships never end well, and usually there is the angst of forbidden love. Ballard losing the ability to love Echo would fit in perfectly.

Score: 9.6/10


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