Friday, November 13, 2009

Last Bones post for a while

Sadly I am no longer watching Bones, so I won't be reviewing the show anymore. I watch too many shows on Thursdays and I would probably still be watching if it were on Wednesdays.

Now on to explaining why I don't love the show anymore. The crimes in Bones are a notch above most procedurals. They can be funny, serious, or in between, and I always appreciate that. What I don't like is the character development, notably the ever-persistent Booth and Bones mess. In the beginning it was great seeing them become closer, but it's the fifth season now. There is constant innuendo between them and no resolution. Whenever they touch or whatever, I'm screaming "get it over with already!"

The other characters also haven't gone anywhere. Angela is still all over the place, and sleeping with Wendell really didn't help. Zach who was such a great character was unceremoniously ditched as he was revealed to be Gormogon's assistant.

There are still many reasons for others to watch, but for someone like me that watches way too many shows already, it's already at the bottom of my priorities for the week. Maybe I'll catch up on the show during the summer, but for now, I have officially stopped watching. And no, I haven't watched the latest episode in case someone wants to berate me about how great the last episode was.


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