Monday, September 21, 2009

Will people continue to watch Heroes?

Just so people won't jump all over me, yes the title is meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek. If you've followed me blog, you'd know I love science fiction shows, so I watch Heroes right? Wrong. I stopped watching the show during season 3 with about 5 episodes. I couldn't stand it anymore and decided I wouldn't put up with the crap I was seeing.

This has continued on to this season. I will not be watching the premiere, so don't expect a review tomorrow unless I decide to do a full-on satire piece. We've heard it all before.

"Season 4 will be the best season of Heroes!" "The ideas are amazing this year!!" "You can't miss this season!" "We're going back to the basics...and MORE!!"

When have we heard that before? Oh yeah, before season 2 and season 3. Before we were all disappointed by the lackadaisical storytelling and horrid pacing. Before time-traveling became a plot device.

I loved season 1. There was a wonderful sense of mystery behind everything, Sylar was awesome, and everyone had an interesting story. The season finale/final showdown was ultimately uneventful and anticlimactic, and I see this as the beginning of the end. The writers proved they couldn't pull off a Buffy-like clash in the finale, but it was just the first season. There was time to improve, so no need to worry. Yes, there are those that disagree with my assessment of the season finale including my brother.

Season 2 was marked by the writer's strike and never fully developed. Television suffered in general that year, so I gave it some reprieve. All the plots would have come together better had there been more episodes. Yes, it was disjointed and awkward. I watched it, and honestly, there were some cool moments. Superpowers are cool...

Season 3 came around and this was the season to prove to the world Heroes was a great show. With 2 seasons around under it's belt, Heroes was poised to make some noise. The first few episodes were intriguing as the premise of each Heroes volume has been, but the execution never succeeded. Arthur Petrelli turned into a joke. Actually, everything became a joke. Even the superpowers became lame. It ended anticlimactically again midway through the season, the writers opting to start a new chapter instead of continuing on with the banality they currently had.

Volume 4 was more of the same. It started off nice, and just got slower and slower as it went on. The writers had no new ideas and if they did, quickly discarded them. I watched half-heartedly and tried to reach the end, but in the end, I gave up.

I promised never to watch the show ever again. No matter how good season 4 is, how many critics lionize the season, I will never watch another second. The viewers have been promised many things, and never have the writers come through. The character development was pathetic and silly, and the stories had no gravitas. People say never say never, but this time, I mean it.


Gautam said...

I made the mistake of watching it. If you have even a percent interest of watching it..let me tell you honestly, drop that thought and run off as far as you can from the TV!!

RcCarol said...

I finished the last season, but I turned the automatic DVR tape-thing off. It just never got good.

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